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How I learned to improve my writing during my masters

Being a writer, I am always enthusiastic to write about different amazing things. My “must – write” list is significantly longer than my “have – wrote” list. That’s normal, I think and is something good to have within yourself. Initially, when I started writing I found it very difficult to express my ideas and thoughts. We know that, this is the most wanted skill every writer wants to achieve and portray in their work, after all.

I consider myself very lucky to have a liberal arts education that cued me to read some of the world classics: Aristotle and Augustine, Shakespeare and Leo Tolstoy, all of which (conceivably) captured my attention and interest on books that stood the test of time. I was in to a thrilling experience to crack open text and have thoughts in my mind how many people had these words in their eyes before me. Understanding the literature in the right context they were in; I contemplated how it is actually written; especially when I was going through the vocabulary and how various phrases borne different meanings to me and to them because of the variegated background. Reading became a communion of kin for me to learn.

Never wanted to miss anything I picked while reading, I started writing during my masters about the topics I always wanted. I started searching new things to include in my essay writing. I always asked my friend for topic recommendations for my essay writing. I started getting written essays from the top writing company uk for my own topics. I always learnt from reading other pieces sometimes it was from the classics and sometimes it was from the modern essay writers. I observed the essay writing style of the writer which was way too professional for me to adapt so quickly but, I always knew that I can. I have a strong believe in what René Descartes has said quite earlier “Cogito, ergo sum” which when translated means, “I think, therefore I am.” 

The essay writing company offered me some essay topics and asked me to write an essay for me on those topics. Initially, the topics seemed much outraged for my knowledge and experience but, I started my essay writing for those topics. Whenever, I thought I am done with the essay; I sent it out to the company for editing and proofreading. This was the only way I could see my mistakes and I always felt disgusted to see those red marks on my piece but, I knew that it is going to be okay! Gradually, I overcome those mistakes and it took me some time to address that it was enhancing my essay writing progressively.  It’s what I’ve come to call an essay writing hangover. A little too much reading and writing was involved in my learning phase. Today it is routine that, I self-assign more topics for essay writing and get an essay from the top essay writing service uk before I start on my own. I have not sent it out yet for editing and proofreading yet. Let one be an unedited brilliant!